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Stonebridge puts quality, craftsmanship and experience to work for you.

From 6,000+ sq. ft grand abodes to 1,750 sq ft. modern homes, Stonebridge brings extensive experience to its craft. A reputation for meeting budgets, deadlines, expectations and keeping a safe work environment makes Stonebridge your perfect project partner.


A house can change and grow over its lifetime, evolving to match the needs of its inhabitants. Stonebridge brings the same skill, dedication and fine craftsmanship to renovations as we do to our high-end homes. Clear communication and careful planning and execution ensure homeowners live in comfort during the renovation process. Exquisite details, the finest materials, and attention to budget and schedule ensure a result that meets Stonebridge’s – and your – exacting standards.


New Homes

Stonebridge meticulously crafts each house, blending timeless architecture with the distinctive details that bestow exquisite character in a home. Believing that great architecture is harmonious with its surroundings, Stonebridge spans both luxurious and balanced living that follows function but is not restricted in form. A home should be more than just a place to live. It should offer both an active living space and a sanctuary. A Stonebridge home provides a haven representative of your lifestyle.